Alternate Parallel Radio

Alternate Parallel Radio is my podcast that’s evolved over the last five years into a monthly  30-50 minute live DJ set of music I’ve been listening to. I put them on Mixcloud where you can stream them at any time. I’m not a superstar DJ so what’s going on here is more about showcasing songs you might not have heard before and sharing cool sounds than about showing you what an excellent turntable-ist I am (I’m not!).  What I try to present is a series of interesting and enjoyable listening experiences that will turn you on to some exciting artists and music for you to enjoy.

If you discovered anything wonderful or want to let me know about something I might enjoy, feel free to drop me a line. In the meantime, please enjoy these playlists I have constructed for you.

c055-ac84-450b-b5f1-81b3d4ade38cJuly 2016

Semi Precious Weapons – Semi Precious Weapons
Simple Minds – Chelsea Girl
Japan – Adolescent Sex
Adam Ant – Bullshit
Marilyn Manson – Rock Is Dead
Bauhaus – Telegram Sam
Zen Robotic – Moonage Daydream
Placebo – Scene Of The Crime
The Church – All The Young Dudes
James Freud – Mean Modulator
Cast – Beat Mama
Suede – The Power
Cobra Starship – The Scene Is Dead, Long Live The Scene

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5488-7422-4a06-bf14-ae7118418659June 2016

Microchip Junky – Lock Up Your Daughterboards
Felix Da Housecat – Watching Cars Go By
Futureshock – Late At Night
Rogue Traders feat. INXS – One Of My Kind
Audio Bullys – We Don’t Care
Hyper – No Rockstar
DevilMonkey feat. 12 Sandwiches – Galaxy Class
Primal Scream – Shoot Speed/Kill Light

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altradio516May 2016

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – The Only Living Boy In Newcross
She Wants Revenge – Must Be The One
Filter – First You Break It
Regurgitator – Romance Of The Damned
The Sweetest Condition – Beyond The Blue
Pound System – Know Who You Are
Psychedelic Furs – House
Manic Street Preachers – Walk Me To The Bridge
The Glove – Punish Me With Kisses
Voice Of The Beehive – Monsters And Angels

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apradiodarkApril 2016

  • Fire EscapeBiological Liberty
  • AkACounterpoint
  • Marilyn MansonEverlasting Cocksucker
  • Alien Sex FiendDead And Buried
  • SarcophonyFlesh Parade (Whore Mix by Sean X)
  • CubanateOther Voices
  • Sleaford ModsTISWAS
  • Norman SaneFly
  • TweakerAreas Of The Brain

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April 2016

  • Pop Will Eat ItselfThere Is No Love Between Us Anymore
  • Junkie XLGloria
  • BoyssNeuro Breaks
  • LeftfieldUniversal Everything
  • LCD SoundsystemHippie Priest Bum-Out
  • Liza NicklinThaw And Resolve
  • She Wants RevengeThese Things
  • The ChurchIt’s No Reason
  • The Other TwoSelfish
  • Meter BridgeFilter
  • Falling JoysLullaby

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6f13f2db-1a47-4187-b542-64fdbebb79a6March 2016

  • Bloc PartySigns
  • SchmaidlHeartbeat
  • VAST – I Don’t Have Anything
  • Machines Of Loving GraceCicciolina
  • Jesus JonesBlissed
  • The AmbiguityFabricating A Reality
  • BTAnimals
  • Tones On TailRain
  • Rebekah DavisThe First Time (Always On My Mind)
  • Mint RoyaleRest Your Head

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Alternate Parallel RadioFebruary 2016

  • CelldwellerPatched In
  • She Wants RevengeTake The World
  • Daniel AshWalk On The Moon
  • Hide And SequenceResurrection (Syntax Remix)
  • UltravoxMy Sex
  • Catherine MeesonWhat Will It Be
  • Sisters Of MercyI Was Wrong
  • MedicineSomething Goes Wrong
  • KasabianLab Twat

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January 2016

  • PrickAnimal
  • GhostlikeimAGO
  • Lunatic CalmIt Evolves On It’s Own
  • Beastie Boys33% God
  • DevilMonkeyMarcus’ Chords
  • CaligulaWishing
  • Silversun PickupsBloody Mary (Nerve Endings)
  • The ChurchAnother World

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b4562935-256c-40c3-8663-51bb8da60f54December 2015

  • Age Of Chancelearn to pray
  • Gerlingwe design the future
  • Meter Bridgestop, drop & roll
  • Captain Sensiblelife up in the stars
  • Generation Xhubble, bubble, toil & dubble
  • Devil Monkeysubstitute
  • Explosions In The Sky remember me as a time of day

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November 2015

  • She Rexprologue
  • Devil Monkeyextremophile
  • Adam Freelandwe want your soul
  • The Cubefuck ’em
  • Curvestar
  • Coldcut – Mr Nichols
  • Rachel Gaskin-Whitrodtouch the sky
  • Starkeyopen the pod bay doors
  • Karl Hydeyour perfume was the best thing

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October 2015

  • Love And RocketsBody And Soul
  • Gravity FeederFuture By Numbers
  • 30 Seconds To MarsConvergence
  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex MachineWatching The Big Apple Turn Over
  • Richard ButlerGood Days Bad Days
  • Mint RoyaleSee You In The Morning
  • Casualty ParkSmoke
  • YachtIf Music Could Cure All That Ails You
  • Love And RocketsBody And Soul

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September 2015

  • Primal Screamswastika eyes
  • Fixmer/McCarthythrough a screen
  • Rennie Pilgremspooky
  • Meat Katieturn me out
  • Sister Machine Gunlife
  • KMFDMjuke joint jezebel
  • Microchip Junkyanalog punk
  • Bring Me The Horizonfootball season is over
  • Chemical Brothersdissolve

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4a0ac792-969e-4911-9013-03bf0de8e88dAugust 2015

  • The Kills –  U.R.A Fever
  • Junkie XL X-Panding Limits
  • ShriekbackDespite Dense Weed
  • Sleaford ModsSilly Me
  • Dr Octagon Real Raw
  • Laurie AndersonLet X=X
  • Cassandra’s MythXoff
  • Eden HouseButterflies
  • Iczer OneIndifferent
  • The CubeWalking Skin

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July 2015

  • Meat Beat ManifestoNo Purpose, No Design
  • Evil NineEarth
  • Black HundredCasting Shadows
  • Indian Rope ManIRM
  • Young FathersMmmh Mmmh
  • Scuba So You Think You’re Special
  • Dead Man RayBlue Volkswagon 10.10am
  • Front 242Collision
  • Junkie XLNext Plateau
  • Death In Vegas23 Lies

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May 2015

  • AcretongueFlowers In The Attic
  • Alternate Parallel RealityExit Strategies
  • The KillersMr Brightside
  • Evil NineAll The Cash
  • GarbageSpecial
  • Stanton Warriors (feat Young Fathers)Leader
  • Crystal MethodDouble Down Under

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April 2015

  • Evil NineCrooked
  • UnderworldAlways Loved A Film
  • Elite ForceUsed And Abused
  • Plump DJsSnake Eyes
  • Lunatic CalmThe Sound
  • Smashing Pumpkins1979
  • KasabianReason Is Treason
  • FreelandOnly A Fool Can Die

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March 2015

  • Prodigy – The Big Gun Down
  • Meat Beat Manifesto – Let’s Have Fun
  • PTSD – The Darkest Hour
  • Spoiled EggLet It Grow
  • Mlada Fronta XB-33
  • TweakerAll In
  • Big ChocolateBlue Milk
  • Dada DavrosRespawn Safely
  • EskmoYou Go, I See That
  • Blue StahliThe Destroyer Of All Things
  • DefragColour My Dreams
  • Alternate Parallel RealityA Scanner, Darkly
  • StarkeyTime Traveller
  • CelldwellerThe Undercity
  • Alien Sex FiendIn And Out Of My Mind

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